the 104th training squad wasn’t allowed to haze new recruits after that

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Anonymous asked: Ahh I've been meaning to ask you about what you think about sousuke! I mean at first I'm wary about him because he might go down Rin's path, blaming Haru for something that isn't his fault and stirring some shit up and he might still do that and I really hope he don't and that he'd just call rin out of his bs(like rin really deserves it and kyoani needs to stop babying him) but i'm really sympathetic for him now espcially in the last episode. Rin might be nice now bt he sure is insensitive



Hi. First, a disclaimer, don’t take this personally. However, I’d like to say I disagree immensely with the direction of this post. Since episode 4 aired there’s been such a propensity to set up some kind of false victim/aggressor dichotomy between Rin and Sousuke and it couldn’t be further from the truth of this relationship. And overall, you aren’t the only one who’s toting this line of thinking— it’s been gaining a lot of traction and at first I was just going to leave it alone but I really just can’t. 

So, overall— I don’t expect you to agree with me at all but I’ve got to put this out there. I know you word-vomited but I’m still going to quote you to set my counter arguments. 

Sure, Rin can babble all he wants about “sights you’ve never seen” and be a big baby about swimming with his friends, but in the end even the relay is all about personal times.  The only element of real teamwork in the relay is learning not to plow into your teammate while diving in, the rest is all up to your individual speed, quite frankly.

The one thing I agree with here is that Rin is overly idealistic— BUT, you’re off the mark about the sport. Relays are absolutely without a doubt about team work. I will quote one of the best in the sport for you: 

This is why relays are so important, because you can find more in yourself for someone else, than what you can ever find for yourself.

Ian Thorpe, five-time Australian Olympic gold medalist

Now I personally never swam relay but I have run relay in Track as a kid. You need to know everything about the people you’re running with, you have to be unified as one group. Track is very much like swimming— there’s a huge emphasis on individual time but when you’re on the team, you need to be in sync with each other. You are only as good as your slowest person. If someone is falling behind you are just as responsible for them as you are yourself. 

Sousuke being the character that acknowledges this makes me like him, as well as the fact that he’s trying to understand Rin’s point of view and trying to get in on the relay to see if it really is something life-changing (and of course Rin promptly shoots him down because Rin hasn’t passed “Basic Friendship 101: How To Realize Other People Have Feelings Too” yet)

Whoa— stop right there… where did Rin “shoot Sousuke down?” Pretty sure it went like this. 




This is absolutely not a case of Rin “shooting Sousuke down.” He’s simply stating an organizational rule. He can’t abuse his power as captain and just put his BFF on the relay team because he asked to be there. Sousuke has to have the BEST time out of the entire swim team to qualify. 

That was the entire point of them racing in this episode! Rin said to him: "I hold the best times at Samezuka in Freestyle and Butterfly, if you can beat me you get a spot on the team." 

There isn’t any room for misinterpretation here. Rin did not shoot Sousuke down, he didn’t reject him. He was abiding by the rules. That’s why Nitori is working so hard. That’s why it’s an issue that Momo isn’t consistent with his times. They are just playing by the rules—- this is one of the most sports-y things to happen in this anime so far, I don’t see how anyone can see it differently. 

Continuing under a cut because this is getting hella long.

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straight couple:*make out in public at random intervals in weird places*
straight couple:*grabs each other's asses in public*
straight couple:*are not in any way inconspicuous about the fact that they are feeling each other up in public*
gay couple:*holds hands in public*
straight people:that is VILE and it is CORRUPTING my entire FAMILY. my grandmother is crying. my children have all shit their pants at the same time. WHO WILL THINK OF THE CHILDREN
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you don’t understand mom, it’s for school

Well shit, I’ve obviously been reading the wrong history books.



you don’t understand mom, it’s for school

Well shit, I’ve obviously been reading the wrong history books.

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Bakumatsu Rock characters and their rockin’ seiyuu ^-^

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apparently tatsu was hiding under the kotatsu for a long time he’s complaining XD

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Noya-san grew shorter!

"It’s not funny!"

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Is dying really that scary to you?

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See You Next Water Time!

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Karma to Labyrinth Promo Poster
From the Animate Tenjin, on the other side of the store from the full display.


Karma to Labyrinth Promo Poster

From the Animate Tenjin, on the other side of the store from the full display.

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Fukuyama: Kamiya-san, about how big was your d*ck in middle school?
Kamiya: In middle school?
Shimono: Probably doesn’t change that much, right?
Kamiya: Eh? It didn’t change?
Kishio: If you use it, it’ll change!
Shimono: OUT!!!!!!


Ahh, Cluster Gakuen! Episode #22 (via aerisaoi)
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Shimono.. what are you doing? stahp!!


Shimono.. what are you doing? stahp!!

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Anonymous asked: It's still okay to ask about seiyuu fact? Because it'd be great if you could make one for Shimono Hiro, I don't really know anything about him other than he seems adorable /)w(\



The Fried Chicken Prince eh… sure, sure~!

  • He’s the only guy in a brood of 4, he has an older sister and 2 younger sisters.
  • When he was young, he had wanted to be like a nursery school teacher like his mom or a police officer.
  • Shimonnu decided to be a seiyuu when he was in in his 3rd year in middle school and his first girlfriend broke up with him.
  • When he was younger, he used to hide ero-books just under his pillow and his mom would always finds them, and he in turn, would always gets scolded.
  • He’s a well-known do-M.
  • He gets bullied by both his senpais AND his kouhais.
  • Taniyama Kishou, obviously, bullies him the most.

  • There was one time that he was made to wear women’s clothes by Fukuyama Jun, and Jun took a lot of photos of him.
  • He’s got such a baby face that even now, when he’s in his 30’s, he still gets asked for identification whenever he goes to bars or buys alcohol. 
  • And he was once called the “Eternal Virgin-voiced Seiyuu” by some anime staff because of his youthful appearance and voice.
  • Due to his extreme love for fried chicken, some of his senpais affectionately call him “Chicken-yarou (bastard)”.
  • To most of the seiyuu world, Shimono Hiro is equal to fried chicken.
  • He likes most horror stuff and one of his childhood dreams was to visit Dracula’s Castle.
  • Because of his talent in making impromptu songs, he’s almost always made to sing them in events/radio shows.
  • His nickame of “Shimonnu” came from Taniyama Kishou.
  • Also from Kiiyan are a series of hickeys. Some proof:
  • Meet Okan— I mean, Hiroko! (And Yuuko)

  • And here, have some of Shimonnu and Kaji going icha-icha. lol

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