I can’t say what’s dorkier: Marik on a motorcycle or Kouha on a warhorse

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Magi seiyuu creating their own Djinn in one minute. OnoD gets disqualified for his ‘Djinndam’.

This is from the Magi Kouyasai Maharagan Night Event.

i thonk waccha won this one

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Actually dying here image These two are too cute! 

Translation starts around 1:40. In the beginning HiroC is basically telling OnoD about google translate and how it works so they decide to try out their English pronunciation *Note: translation not by me*

  • Ono: Okay here we go…from English to Japanese…
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: I play tennis!
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: The “I play tennis,” that I just said. Apparently it translates to, “Want to hang out.”
  • Kamiya: Eh? Wait, hold on. How does that happen?
  • Ono: ”Want to hang out,” So this is what my English sounds like! So to English speakers, if I say, “I am in the New Prince of Tennis. I play tennis!” people will think that I want to hang out.
  • Kamiya: Wait, okay. I am going to try.
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I play tennis!
  • Kamiya: See that was perfect, that was perfect!
  • Ono: Yeah you said it right!
  • Kamiya: Right?
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Hoi.
  • Kamiya: Here it is…”I am Brittaninyu.”
  • Both: HAHAHAHA
  • Kamiya: I don’t understand at all.
  • Ono: I don’t blame you. “I play tennis?”
  • Kamiya: ”I play tennis.” Maybe we should pronounce it bit more natural.
  • Ono: Ah.
  • Kamiya: Since it doesn’t seem to understand Japanese pronunciation of English. So, that one way of pronunciation English.
  • Ono: That one way, got it.
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Aiflayfennis
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: (sarcastically) I think that was good. Probably!
  • Ono: This is amazing! Something lyrics-worthy came out!
  • Kamiya: Eh?
  • Ono: ”Our map that we share.”
  • Kamiya: What? Okay, wait let me see?
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I play tennis! Okay that was perfect! It was like those machines that speaks English for you to learn the language when you’re in a class!
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: ”I put.”
  • Ono: Ahahaha!
  • Kamiya: Whaaat?
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Wai plai tennes
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: This is it!
  • Kamiya: I think we went there. It should translate it!
  • Ono: ”What kind of size?”
  • Kamiya: I want to try out more phrases but we can’t even have it recognize our “I play tennis!” What is this?
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I play tennis!
  • Ono: That was perfect.
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: ”Dentist”
  • Ono: Ahahahaha!
  • Kamiya: I said a sentence! Why does it translate into a word!?
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Aiplaytannis
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: This time it says, “It is amazing what”
  • Both: AHAHAHA
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I play….TENNIS
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: ”I am a great.” What is going on!?
  • Ono: Why don’t we try something else?
  • Kamiya: You’re right. Since they say this in English classes: “Please repeat after me.”
  • Ono: Okay let’s try!
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: Please repeat after me.
  • *beep beep*
  • Kamiya: ”I repeat a little later.” No why does it not recognize anything!? Next! Let’s try our radio show’s title!
  • Ono: Okay.
  • Kamiya: Dear Girl Stories!
  • Ono: Let’s try!
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Dear Girl Stories!
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: Um, sorry…um, it came out: “Stories.”
  • Both: AHAHAHA
  • Kamiya: Only Stories!? What hold on.
  • Ono: It’s impossible!
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: Dear Girl Stories
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: I think this will be okay.
  • Kamiya: I am going to play the audio for this one okay?
  • Ono: Okay.
  • Machine: ”DSOD”
  • Both: AHAHAHA
  • Kamiya: I don’t even know anymore.
  • Ono: I am going to try again.
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Dear Girl Stories!
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: ”The Gavel Stories.”
  • Both: AHAHAHA
  • Kamiya: Let’s go to the next one. Okay, so since I have a cat…I am going to say how I feel about them in English.
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: I love cat.
  • Ono: Well this sentence has actual passion for cats! It has to recognize it.
  • Kamiya: ”I love YA”
  • Both: *snickers*
  • Ono: What is that?
  • Kamiya: I love YA.
  • Ono: Is this how we sound to English speakers? That’s what this means right? Let me try the same thing but with dogs.
  • Kamiya: Okay.
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Okay. I love dog!
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: I
  • Kamiya: I! Ahahahaha
  • Ono: It’s a website!
  • Both: *more laughter
  • Kamiya: Wow this is amazing. The destruction it causes.
  • Ono: This is amazing!
  • Kamiya: Okay let’s do the next one. This is something that Onokun and Director Suwa definitely needs to know when going somewhere out of the country.
  • Ono: Ah, okay, something we can use realistically. That sounds nice.
  • Kamiya: Do you sell larged size hats? “Do you sell the big hat?” This is necessary to know.
  • Ono: Yes.
  • *bleep*
  • Kamiya: Do you sell the big hat?
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: Okay. So you have asked this to the employee.
  • Kamiya: ”Salad Pizza Hut.”
  • Ono: It sounds like a fake Pizza Hut!
  • Kamiya: It’s like Pizza Hut has a separate salad place. Where in the world is that!?
  • Both: HAHAHA
  • Kamiya: Onokun, you need it more than I do, so you try.
  • Ono: Okay.
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Do you sell the big hat?
  • *beep beep*
  • Onol: This is perf-hahaha… “OK.”
  • Kamiya: It’s a conversation now! It’s like, “Do you guys have any?” “oh, yeah we do.” Why is it a conversation?
  • Ono: I need to try that again that was weird.
  • Kamiya: Yeah try one more time try one more time.
  • Ono: Yeah that was…
  • *bleep*
  • Ono: Do you sell the big hat!?
  • *beep beep*
  • Ono: What is this? ”Do you strong hug?” So I get hugged now?
  • Kamiya: What is this. Some attempt in being poetic?

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one day sasuke asked me, how it feels to be left alone ?

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hanamiya makoto expressing concern for a fellow player

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Favourite Siblings: Megane Nase Siblings of Kyoukai no Kanata

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I still don’t know where the first picture came from but this one is from Mamo’s blog.
The cast of Nobunaga the Fool last weekend at AnimeJapan.


I still don’t know where the first picture came from but this one is from Mamo’s blog.

The cast of Nobunaga the Fool last weekend at AnimeJapan.

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